Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Fine Sober Living is to help serve adults suffering from substance dependance, addictive disorders and to provide a safe and orderly place where people are able to take responsibility for their lives. Our environment is conducive for implementing a plan of recovery through practicing the 12 step program to develop personal responsibility, build and maintain family relationships, stable employment and return to the community with a comprehensive body of knowledge allowing them to experience a new way of life.


Intake Fee: $100.00

Weekly Fees: $180.00



Operating Hours

Office Phone Number:386-256-4305

Mon: 9am-10pm 
Tue: 9am-10pm 
Wed: 9am-10pm 
Thur: 9am-10pm 
Fri: 9am-10pm 
Sat: 9am-10pm 
Sun: 9am-10pm

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